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Italy is a large country in Southern Europe. It is home to the greatest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites - art and monuments are everywhere around the country. It is also famous worldwide for its cuisine, its fashion, the luxury sports cars and motorcycles, as well as for its beautiful coasts, lakes and mountains (the Alps and Apennines). The country, which is a boot-shaped peninsula, is surrounded by the Ligurian Sea, the Sardinian Sea, and the Tyrrhenian Sea in the west, the Sicilian and Ionian Sea in the South, and Adriatic Sea in the East. Italy has a population of 59,619,290, and the capital city of Italy is Rome.

Open and Friendly
Italians are generally open and friendly; if you use the regular politeness you will have no problems. Southern Italians often use their hands to gesture frantically while talking, and it's not considered rude at all in southern Italy. This spontaneous attitude toward hand gestures is usually very funny and surprising for strangers, and there is a real gesture language standard that differs radically from other countries. Italy has a very high population of senior citizens, and it is wise to be respectful. Do things like offering your seat on a bus if the situation arises. It will be absolutely appreciated. Talking about politics and complaining of politicians is nearly a national sport, and if you criticise something about the Italian government you will surely find someone who will agree with you. Soccer is the national sport and is taken very seriously, even more than politics.

Economic Strength
This economy remains divided into an industrial north, dominated by private companies, and an agricultural south. According to World Bank data, Italy has high levels of freedom to invest, do business, and trade. The country's main economic strength has been its large base of small- and medium-sized companies. These Italian companies are responding to the Asian competition by concentrating on products with a higher technological content. The small average size of Italian companies remains a limiting factor, and the government has been working to encourage integration and mergers and to reform the rigid regulations that have traditionally been an obstacle to the development of larger corporations in the country. Nevertheless Italian industry is envied for its advanced design and style, which often capitalises on the country's formidable artistic patrimony. Italy's major exports are motor vehicles, chemicals, petrochemicals, electricity, home appliances, aerospace and defence tech, firearms; but the country's more famous exports are in the fields of fashion, food industry, luxury vehicles and motor yachts. Also Tourism is very important to the Italian economy: with over 37 million tourists a year, Italy is ranked as the fifth major tourist destination in the world.

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Internships in Italy

Internship in Italy


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