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We can organize an Internship in Spain in almost all work fields. If you do not speak the language of the host country, we can also organize a language course for you. We do also organize accommodation if you wish to.

The PractiGo Guarantee!
The organisation fee is only charged when we are able to offer you an internship placement. If we are not able to organise a placement we will reimburse the enrolment fee. This only happens very rarely however, as we have a success rate of 98%!

-Prices Internship in Spain | Barcelona
Enrolment fee 180 € once
Organisation 2-52 weeks : 495 € once

How do I enrol?

Here you can find our enrolment procedure!
Starting date:- Any Monday
For whom? High school graduates, working people, university graduates, students
Duration: from 4 weeks, up to 52 weeks.
Minimum age: 18 Years
Fields of work: We offer internships in almost all fields of work. Please contact us to find out more.
Language skills: You need at least intermediate knowledge of the language spoken in your host country. In case you have little or no previouse knowledge you can obtain it in a language course while you are there.
When to enrol: At least 2-3 months before the scheduled start of the internship. In some cases we may be able to organise your internship faster. If it’s urgent, just call us: +49(0)421-43 77 28-0
Insurance:: Before starting your internship we need proof of your health insurance, personal/public liability insurance and your accident insurance.
Visa/Nationalities: People with European, USA or Canadian nationality.

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Internships in Spain

Internship in Spain


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